An Entropist arranges his life to benefit from Entropy.

Entropy is a principle of thermodynamics. It expresses the tendency of any closed system, toward increased chaos. As a classical example, you may mix a drop of dye into a glass of liquid very easily. It then becomes nearly impossible to extract. The natural state of things is all mixed up. And yet in a certain sense, this trend toward chaos may be viewed as predictable.

Recognizing this principle, one must expect a fair degree of randomness in life. It has been said that the only thing constant, is change. To whatever extent this may be true, assuredly it will be the most adaptable and flexible people who excel. These are the people who embrace entropy, and who harness its currents the way that generations of sailors have captured the ever-changing wind in their sails.

The more that modern life gives way to chaos and tumult, the more valued are the ways of the Entropist.

Ignore those who would define an Entropist as the ultimate deadbeat, letting his life fall to ruin in the wake of happenstance. This is the furthest opposite from what an Entropist should become. An Entropist ought to ready himself strategically for any opportune moment, to avail of the benefits from each upswell in life's ebb and flow. This is a mentality of resourcefulness, of efficiency, of anticipation and of analysis. Nobody can truly know what comes around life's next bend. But the Entropist can know that he will handle it gracefully.

Every major following has its notion of spiritual retreat. Introspection. Meditation. To center one's self. But few have expressed the intent of this centered-ness so plainly as the Entropist. Is it self-cognizance? Union with a higher power? Enlightenment? No. Is the goal to bolster one's composure and dignity? No. Each of these are fringe benefits. Stillness refines one's frame of reference allowing him to more clearly percieve the surrounding currents and trends of life. Perspective is necessarily egocentric because each individual's own situation is unique; with pressures and influences uniquely converging at any moment, in ways that another person cannot fully comprehend. It is not really a heightened self-awareness then, but rather a heightened situational awareness. Isolation with its absence of noise is useful in revealing our true surroundings.

Is the Entropist then merely reactionary, an opportunist? No, he is a planner. He desires the greatest possible quality of life, for himself and the people within his sphere of influence. (Isn't that everyone's aspiration?) He perceives "quality of life" in terms of freedom, the ability to maintain the maximum latitude for personal liberty. In other words, an Entropist avoids being entrapped.

As humans, we have many ways of creating prisons for ourselves. Every commitment creates an obligation, it's true. But not all commitments are to be avoided: A good marriage is far better than the "prison" of unrelenting loneliness. On balance, there are few disappointments more harsh than a poor marriage. One must enter into any commitment with a view toward the long term reward or penalty. To cultivate enduring freedom is a process of making judicious choices.

Entropists tend to prize mobility over lives of substance. They are not likely to collect a lot of "stuff". They don't care to have baggage. They tend to rent instead of buying a home. They tend to have few children. They do not call attention to themselves. They prefer anonymity, so that their movements may remain unnoticed and unfettered.

The Entropist will avoid a prison of indebtedness, by earning well and spending carefully. His work ethic is far stronger than the norm of society. Nothing is more empowering to anyone, than to have available income and savings which he can direct to any purpose. So you see again, that a choice of deliberate conservancy becomes a true freedom. The Entropist develops personal resources which allow him to make any move at any time... relocate... launch a business... travel... give a gift at an important occasion... go for a romantic holiday... buy a car... his options are open because he has worked hard to earn this level of freedom. He does not spend carelessly, but then he is able to spend spontaneously at the most crucial times.

In career, the Entropist seeks growth above all. But not in terms of greatest income. His personal growth is found in diversity of experience. He will take jobs that offer cross-training, or travel, or plenty of social interaction and opportunities for "networking". He recognizes that the ability to make a move to a new career track (or back to a prior one) is another kind of security, more important in today's fast-moving world than a conventional retirement plan. Being agile enough to adapt to changing market demands can lead to startling growth. Versatility is the key to avoid being stuck in a rut, or the virtual prison of a dead-end job.

The Entropist pursues... a life tingling at the edge of fullness. Not excessive, but not dull. Not outrageous, nor repressed. Just balanced at the limits of appreciation.

There exists a point of overindulgence where the abundance is too much to endure, or to appreciate. Notice that our appreciation of things is related with our anticipation of those things. If they come too easily they cannot be savored. Food tastes best when you're hungry. Riches seem miraculous after a life of hardships. Fullness is measured then, by our capacity to imagine and to achieve. Imagination builds anticipation, and achievement delivers reward.

The Entropist lives in a world populated with possibilities. His eternal question is "what if" and his eternal answer is "make it so". He reveres the creative impulse. He shuns worry. He forges ahead with utter confidence, seldom assured of success, but always resolved to do his utmost. There is peace of mind in knowing that one's efforts were exhaustive.

There will be no paralysis of self-doubt or remorse for the Entropist. ...No prison of fear... As was recited by the Bene Gesserit in Frank Herbert's DUNE saga, "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

Emotions may purify us. They bring surprise insights and guidance, bubbling to the surface from our subconscious minds. But emotions cannot be allowed to overwhelm or define us. In objectivity we must observe ourselves, as carefully as we observe our surroundings. The turbulence of our lives offers as many opportunities for self-delusion as for deception by others. The Entropist would attempt to lead a life of clarity, avoiding the prison of emotional strife. There is no room in his life for pointless drama, or for those people who spawn turmoil. While the Entropist is adept at living amid chaos, he does not seek it. He navigates best by preserving a relative peace.

Personal freedom is not synonymous with anarchy. The Entropist does not seek to disrupt government, but to maximize his opportunities within the overarching structures of government. The security of a functional government actually expands one's potential for achievement. And if he resides under a dysfunctional government, his ideal solution is to remove himself to another place where standards are more tolerant. His presence is his vote, his absence his protest. If he cannot remove himself, he ought to remove his resources as far as possible. Invest overseas. Cultivate an import/export business. Make friends abroad via the internet. Find any possible means to circumvent tyranny. The Entropist knows from historic accounts, that a government which disrespects basic human rights will ultimately fail. He will not support such an entity. He does not meddle in warfare and politics. But he will have his escape route ready for the day when that government is finally overthrown. He will prosper while society crumbles around him.

Life throws arbitrary obstacles in our path. Failure is commonplace, but it is not an endpoint. We all know the old saying, "To err is human, to forgive divine." But beyond that is another chapter: To make something of substance from the ruins of past endeavors, to cultivate beauty amid life's struggles, is a true art form. The Entropist is exactly this sort of artist.

Entropists are sentients, they are influencers, they are humanists, they are pragmatists, they are explorers and pioneers, they are creators.

I am an Entropist! While there are many who hold these ideals, many who live such a life, I am merely first to outline the guiding principles and to apply this term. Discovery is often described by one's ability to recognize a trend within chaos, and to impose some boundary condition or mechanism allowing those currents to prevail. I take no credit for the Entropist movement, which has emerged naturally in response to our impossibly complex modern life. I only gave it a name. Adopting this name, find yourself among highly qualified equals.

Welcome to the world of the Entropist...
...Channel chaos. Flow with life. Harness power.